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Welcome to FurryAvalon!

FurryAvalon's IRC Services
Created by Keiro on November 25th, 2015

UPDATE: We now have valid SSL configurations for FurryAvalon! You will no longer receive invalid SSL certificate warnings when visiting the Services web portal or connecting via IRC!

We are currently running with no SSL configuration for Services at this present time, however we are working on this issue.

We do have KiwiIRC connecting to our server securely. You are also able to connect to FurryAvalon. Note that at this time, you must accept our self-signed SSL certificate. We are working on replacing invalid SSL certificates with valid ones. Please be patient with us during the process. Thank you!

Server details:
Server Admin: Keiro
Contact: admin AT heimkoma.com
Server: irc.furryavalon.net (Round-robin.)
IPv6: No.
Non-SSL Ports: 6667
SSL ports: 6697 and 8000.

What is FurryAvalon Up to Now?
Created by Keiro on June 10th, 2015

We are rebuilding FurryAvalon from the ground-up, code-wise with CodeIgniter. If you wish to check out our code and contribute, please see FurryAvalon's Github.

Update on FurryAvalon
Created by Keiro on March 30th, 2014

It's been a while since we posted an update, but it was long over-due. Our website's design has been rendered down to the most basic and simplest form of our website.

Why, do you ask?

Good question. It's for two reasons -- first and foremost, the lack of developers. I myself am a Systems Administrator. I am not a back-end developer, nor am I a front-end developer. I maintain systems. That is my thing, ergo I have not had much luck in finding someone willing to work with myself and with a friend, Karros.

Secondly, however, we are only two persons and we need more help in enabling the functionality that we want to provide. We have plans. Oh yes, lots of plans for FurryAvalon. We need your help in bringing that plan to fruition. You can see what we want to do at Trello. If you know anyone that can help us with bringing our vision to life, we would like to talk to them!

That said, I'd like to say on behalf of myself and Karros, creator of Dragonfox Studios, a warm thank you for coming to check out our website and what we have currently available.

An Update on the Site
Created by Keiro on May 5th, 2014

The header links have been updated accordingly to more closely fit what we have available. However, I'd like to note that at this time, the Forums is inaccessible to everyone but myself and Karros until we feel that the forums is ready to accept users and the like.